The Last Blockbuster

Dir: Taylor Morden

Oregon Independent Film Festival Premiere

Once upon a time there were over 9,000 Blockbuster video stores in America, now there is just one.

The Last Blockbuster is a funny, nostalgic look at the world's last remaining Blockbuster Video store and the rise and fall of a corporate giant.

Starring Kevin Smith, Jamie Kennedy, Paul Scheer, Brian Posehn, Ione Skye, Samm Levine, Adam Brody and narrated by Lauren Lapkus.




Black Pumas - "Colors"

Dir: Kristian Mercado

Oregon Independent Film Festival Premiere

"Colors" the music video by the Black Pumas explores the bonds of a young family living in the Bronx.

This family is displaced after unforeseen circumstances take them to unexpected places. Despite the challenges facing them, they find joy, hope, and each other. The landscape of the Bronx is celebrated as a beautiful place.

Eric Burton’s evocative movements and dance explore the emotions and the shifts we experience in life.



Artax - "Dust On Snow"

Dir: jdaugh

West Coast Premiere

Artax: an experimental video collage for the track "Artax," lyrics and performance by Brad Hamers and beats by Frietboer and Eigenheimer, in which we reimagine the fate of Atreyu's beloved horse, Artax.

Inspired by The Neverending Story, the beatmakers resampled sounds from the Swamp of Sadness scene and used public domain footage from Prelinger archives in this international collaboration.

Artax makes it out of the Swamp of Sadness alive this time!


Find You

Dir: Evangeline LaRoque

World Premiere

"Find You" is an animated music video for a new song by The Comforters, an Americana duo based in Japan.

Miniature sets made of cardboard and found materials and hand-drawn characters set the visual style for the story of a child searching through a rainy city for someone she cannot find.

Canada / U.S.A. / Japan



Cowboy Poetry

Dir: Mark Franz & David Colagiovanni

Oregon Premiere

Cowboy Poetry is a work of visual music recorded during a series of live audiovisual performances.

The audio is created with a combination of hand made electronic instruments and vector imagery that has been translated into stereo audio. This audio is visualized on an oscilloscope and documented during the performance.

The work is inspired by sociopolitical and theoretical ideas surrounding nationalism and americana. The work was created in the late summer and fall of 2019.

Quotes by Noam Chomsky and Umberto Eco.



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